Councillor mouths off again... " bitch"?

"Calvi-Freeman, who holds the transport strategy and operations portfolio, could be heard saying "b......." through a muffled cough at some comments made by a regional councillor."

24/9/19 Has Chris dobbed you into the police?

24/9/19: Constable Stephan Coetzee of the Wellington Police telephoned me as a suspect in the defacing of one of Chris's election billboard.

Chris "fingered" me ( Milan Lazarevic, this Website's Organiser) as a potential suspect resulting in a police criminal investigation.

Chris, you owe me an apology - as you have no cause whatsoever to send the police around to me.

If you have been approached by the police due to Chris Calvi-freeman, please let us know so you can load details here.

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