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My name is Steph Edlin, and I've lived in the Eastern Suburbs my whole life. As a real person who goes to school in our ward, I have a good awareness of the issues we face, and how they affect the younger members of our community.

I think Wellington needs real, solicited change now more than ever. I’m running because we need a council that not only represents the diversity of our city, but responds to what residents want. My aim is simple. I want a city that consults, and listens to its inhabitants before change is made.

Our public transport and roading need to be rapidly improved. The fastest, most practical way to achieve this would be to work with existing infrastructure, to solve issues now. The Eastern Ward needs a rapid and regular bus network, meaning no hubs and no more than 30 minutes into town.

I oppose the current, proposed Shelly Bay development as I believe that we deserve safe, and well thought out developments in our area, as our public transport and infrastructure is already at maximum capacity as it is.

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